Disney Apologizes for Copying Tower of Terror Work on Disney+ Series

A producer for a popular Disney+ series has apologized to a YouTube creator after the latter's work was used without his consent. Behind the Attraction is a Disney+ series about how certain Disney theme park rides were conceived and operate and is director by Brian Volk-Weiss, the co-creator of the Netflix series The Toys That Made Us. While that show is intended to give a lighthearted look at the history behind some of Disney's biggest hits, Behind the Attraction became mired in unexpected controversary last week when YouTuber James St. Onge revealed on Twitter that the show's producer used an image he made of the Tower of Terror ride at Disney's Hollywood Studio without permission. 

It seemed like the story would lead to a classic "David vs. Goliath" story, with a big Hollywood production company stamping on a smaller YouTube channel, but St. Onge updated followers today that Brian Volk-Weiss, a director on Behind the Attraction, had reached out to him to apologize. "I just had a productive phone call with Brian Volk-Weiss, director of 'Behind the Attraction' and CEO of The Nacelle Company," St. Onge wrote. "He took full responsibility for the Tower of Terror situation and offered a genuine apology on behalf of Disney, Nacelle, and Seven Bucks Productions." The credits on the Tower of Terror episode are being updated to credit St. Onge for his graphics. Additionally, St. Onge noted that the credited graphic designer of the episode, Jeremy Samples, was not involved in the incident. 

The Art of Engineering YouTube channel provides some pretty in-depth breakdowns on how various theme park rides work, and it's highly recommended that you give the videos a watch if you enjoy knowing the engineering and physics behind your favorite rides. 


All ten episodes of Behind the Attraction are currently available on Disney+. Disney has not announced whether they would pick up the show for a second season. For those waiting for a major Disney+ content drop, Disney recently announced a Disney Plus Day on November 12th, which will include the streaming debut of Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings.