Dr. Pepper Reportedly Launching New Cream Soda

dr pepper
(Photo: George Frey/Getty Images)

Soda fans might be ecstatic to know Dr. Pepper is laying the groundwork to introduce a Cream Soda flavor to stores as soon as March 2020. The new surfaced from candy and drink-tracking Instagrammer @candyhunting, who just happens to be at the National Association of Convenience Stores convention taking place this weekend in Atlanta. According to the now-viral Instagram post, Dr. Pepper Cream Soda will come in both regular and diet flavors.

"Due to the added vanilla flavor, these aren't as strong on the classic Dr. Pepper taste," the Instagrammer writes in their review. "Therefore, the flavor here is much less polarizing than original Dr. Pepper. I actually like this flavor, unlike the original!"

It's unclear if Dr. Pepper Cream Soda will be a limited-time offering or one of Dr. Pepper's permanent flavor. The soda company's current permanent flavors include Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper, Dr. Pepper Cherry, Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry, Dr. Pepper Ten, Dr. Pepper Caffeine Free, Diet Dr. Pepper Caffeine Free, Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla, and Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla.

Fans seemed generally positive in the comments of the Instagram reveal. "Oh, I'm extremely excited for this," @deadtechzach says.

"omg im shook!" says @michelelaton.

"I'm about to wreck my diet for these," says @dragonfit___

"Now [sic] way! This better taste as good as it does in my dreams!" exclaims @at_last_she_has_arrived.


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Photo by George Frey/Getty Images