Jackass Star Reveals He Had Coronavirus

There's not much the guys of Jackass won't do, but when it comes to safety during the coronavirus pandemic, some of the stars are making sure people know that they're doing their best to be cautious. Recently, Jackass' Steve-O talked to TooFab about the pandemic and revealed he had caught the virus without knowing it. The stuntman/comedian said he was "completely asymptomatic" and now plans to donate plasma to help the cause. Of course, in classic Steve-O fashion, he requested they give back any unused red blood cells so he can "make some art." Here's what Steve-O had to say when it comes to wearing masks and protecting others during the pandemic...

"I have a lot of feelings about this," Steve-O shared. "There's nothing brave about saying 'I don't care about coronavirus' because you're just putting other people at risk." He added, "As deliberately reckless as my Jackass buddies and I are — we put effort into being reckless — we are careful about being respectful to other people, you know?"

"I think what's made Jackass successful, over these decades now, is that it's not mean spirited. We're not cruel; we do it to ourselves. and that gives it a sort of wholesome, lovable sense. Third-party people and putting them at risk is not part of our program," Steve-O explained. "And for that matter, I'd say me and all my buddies, we care about doing what we can to not spread it."

It's been ten years since the Jackass boys got together for their third film, but fans will soon get the chance to see their long-awaited fourth installment. Jackass 4 was one of the many movies pushed back due to the pandemic, but not by much. The movie's original release date was March 5th, 2021, which has now been moved to July 2nd, 2021. We're holding out hope theaters will be back in business by then.

The previous three films have been a box office goldmine for Paramount. The first Jackass film only cost 5 million to make but brought in over $79 million, while Jackass: Number Two cost $11 million but brought in over $85 million. Jackass 3D cost $20 million but brought in the franchise's best numbers with a total of $171 million. Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa cost $15 million but returned big with $160 million.


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