KFC Throws Shade at McDonald's With New Snack Wrap Alternative

Now that Taco Bell appears to be bringing back nearly every one of its discontinued items in some fashion, the last "viral" defunct item remains McDonald's Snack Wrap offerings. Monday, KFC opted to throw shade at the latter, announcing plans to fill the void the item has left in the fast-food game.

Beginning immediately, the chain is beginning to test three Kentucky Fried Chicken Wraps at select locations in the Atlanta area. Similar to McDonald's Snack Wrap in that chicken serves as the primary ingredient, the KFC version will come in three options with their own flare. There's the primary "Classic Chicken Wrap" with an Extra Crispy chicken tender, pickles, and mayo.

Then there's the Mac & Cheese Chicken Wrap with the same tender and the chain's macaroni and cheese all wrapped up in a tortilla. Then there's the Spicy Slaw Chicken Wrap with an Extra Crispy Chicken tender, coleslaw, spicy slaw, and pickles.

"With our new wraps, our fans in Atlanta are bound to experience a burst of finger lickin' good flavor with every bite, whether it be from the crunch of our Extra CrispyTM Tenders, the bold heat from our spicy sauce or the richness of our cheesy mac & cheese," KFC head chef Chris Scott said in a release. "We're excited to hear the feedback on these new flavor combinations from our Atlanta customers!"

The items are essentially a rebranded version of the KFC Twister Wraps that were discontinued in 2014. It's unclear if KFC plans to expand beyond the Atlanta market, or how long exactly the new wraps will be available in the city.

"KFC fans have made it loud and clear that they miss our fried chicken wraps," the chain added. "There have been over 42,500 mentions on Twitter within the past two years around fans craving wraps, making it a highly anticipated menu item for snackers and KFC fans alike."