LEGO Releases 210-Minute Playlist of White Noise Building Sounds

If the soft clicking of putting LEGO bricks together is something that you need to soothe yourself into sleep at night or keep you focused while working during the day, The LEGO Group has exactly what you need. In a press release they've announced what they're calling LEGO® White Noise, a playlist available now on over 15 different music streaming platforms that is "designed to help listeners find a moment of relaxation in their busy lives." Composed of seven themed tracks and totaling 210 minutes, the playlist features extended audio tracks created exclusively from "the iconic sounds that the LEGO brick makes, sounds that are recognised by generations all over the world."

"Each LEGO element makes a unique noise, which is why designers experimented with over 10,000 in their quest for the perfect soothing sound," The LEGO Group wrote in a statement. "The result is a soundscape that includes tracks such as 'It All Clicks' which perfectly captures the joyous sound of two LEGO elements joining together, and 'The Waterfall' created by pouring thousands of LEGO bricks on top of each other...Like other white noise tracks, the playlist is designed to help listeners find a moment of zen in their day, making it the perfect audio accompaniment for falling asleep, unwinding, or relaxing through LEGO building."

The other five tracks on the playlist include "Built for Two," which sounds like a simple completion of a LEGO set by intrepid fans; "Wild as the Wind," a companion to the pouring sounds of "The Waterfall;" "Searching for the One (Brick)," which is exactly what it implies, the endless search for that right piece; "Big Hearted Bricks," self explanatory assemble of bigger LEGO bricks;" and finally, "The Night Builder," which is someone putting a set together while the hums of the night can also be heard behind their clicking.

The LEGO Group concluded their announcement by saying that the "The LEGO White Noise playlist has been released to accompany the immersive LEGO Botanical Collection building experience, following research that found that almost three quarters (73%) of adults are on the hunt for new ways to destress." You can give it a shot yourself on platforms including Spotify and Apple Music where the playlist is streaming for free.