Mac On Tap Dispenser Announced That Will Deliver Mac And Cheese Straight From The Tap

America is one of the forerunners when it comes to inventing (or re-inventing) comfort foods, and [...]

America is one of the forerunners when it comes to inventing (or re-inventing) comfort foods, and it looks like the next great attempt is about to come our way: mac and cheese, on tap. Yes, you read that right: Stouffers is celebrating its revolutionary(?) breakthrough of a "Mac on Tap" dispenser, which will deliver Stouffers Mac and Cheese straight from a tap. You pull a lever and out comes the macaroni and cheese mixture, which Stouffers is encouraging consumers to enjoy in classic fashion - or as an additive to other meals (because that won't get gross...). If you're having trouble picture such a contraption, here's a visual aid:

Stouffers MaconTap Beauty Shot_Black square
(Photo: Stouffers)

Here's the full press release about "Mac on Tap," courtesy of Stouffers:

"Stouffer's has created the first-ever "Mac on Tap," a dispenser delivering the creamy, cheesy goodness of Stouffer's Mac and Cheese straight from the tap.

Just pull the lever and enjoy a bowl of Stouffer's comfort classic in a fun new way – or better yet, added to just about anything. Originally conceived for a 2020 rollout, the brand is asking fans where they want to see it come to life. Ahead of National Mac & Cheese Day (July 14), share your grate ideas by tagging @stouffers on social and your mac dreams just might come true."

If this latest fast/comfort food creation offends your senses, you might want to strap in. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the entire format of self-service food has to be reconsidered. From restaurants pulling self-serve soda fountains, to gas stations and convenience stores having to reconsider all of the (already questionable) self-serve food stations they offer. Even in our personal lives, the way people do things like serve food at parties or other communal events is now being looked at and examined more closely. That's all to say: Stouffers is making a timely move with this release, as the company can definitely play-up the "enjoy good food, safely" angle during the COVID-19 outbreak.

As for the social media interactive campaign: seems more like a way to drum-up publicity, rather than an actual invitation for consumer feedback. We all know how quickly that can (will) go sideways.

Stouffers' "Mac on Tap" dispenser will be released at a date TBD. The rollout event will allow consumer to share their ideas about how it should debut.