Macaulay Culkin Has a a Hilarious and Creepy Home Alone Mask

Macaulay Culkin's mask is both hilarious and a bit creepy. The former child actor took to Twitter today to share a selfie, including a face covering that features the. bottom half of Culkin's own face (and his hands on his cheeks) from the Home Alone poster. Or maybe Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, since the selfie features a prominently positioned model of the Empire State Building in the background. That might just be a coincidence, though. Either way, the caption he shared brings the potential creepy factor of the mask to new and unexplored heights -- and we're loving it.

As soon as you see the mask, it makes perfect sense that it would exist: the image of Culkin screaming, his hands on his cheeks, was so iconic in the movie that they not only put it on the posters for both movies, but it was endlessly parodied in popular culture. Culkin himself later parodied it in a handful of appearances where he would be a jokey version of an older Kevin.

"Just staying Covid-safe wearing by the flayed skin of my younger self," Culkin joked on Twitter. "Don't forget to wear your masks, kids."

You can see it below.

Since his fan-favorite Home Alone parody ad a couple of years ago, Culkin seems to have taken on the role of social media royalty, with nearly everything he says on Twitter generating a ton of buzz.


Culkin played the role of Kevin McCallister in Home Alone, which was one of the highest grossing movies of all time when it was released, as well as its first sequel, Home Alone II: Lost in New York. There were two sequels made without him, and now there's a reboot coming up on Disney+. Last thing anybody knew, Culkin was not involved with that, but since Disney is bringing back the original casts for The Mighty Ducks and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids spinoffs, it doesn't seem too far outside of the realm of possibility that Culkin could come back one more time. Certainly, fans are hoping so as they put his name on petitions basically before anybody had heard anything more than a rumor that a reboot might exist.

Keep your eyes on for more updates on that show.