Matt Damon Reveals His Daughter Contracted COVID-19

Like many actors at the moment, Matt Damon is currently living out quarantine where he was filming before production stopped. Damon had moved to Dublin, Ireland right before Disney put the project on hold due to the coronavirus, and now he is there with his wife and three of his children, though they are still waiting to be reunited with their oldest daughter Alexia. In a recent interview with Graham & Nathan on SPIN 1038 he revealed that stay at home orders went into effect in New York City while she was at school, and that she contracted COVID-19 early on along with her college roommates. The good news is that they've made a full recovery since then, and they will be reuniting with Alexia towards the end of May (via CinemaBlend).

"She had COVID really early on, along with her roommates," Damon said. We’re going to go back to Los Angeles and she’s [Alexia] going to come out, so we’ll all be together and figure out what the heck we’re going to do. It’s such an odd limbo that we’re all in."

While everyone's okay, they aren't taking any chances, and the family is focused on doing everything they can to mitigate the chances of exposure to the virus.

"Everybody's OK, but obviously for Luci's mom and my mom, you know, it's scary for that generation, so everyone's kind of — I think we've all got the message now," Damon said. "Everybody's doing the isolation and social distancing and hand-washing and kind of everything we can to mitigate this. But it's frightening, certainly for our parents."


When the first cases for COVID-19 started being reported, Damon's previous film Contagion quickly became one of the most-watched films on Netflix. It makes sense, as the film deals with a global virus, and health experts were consulted with for the film. Since then the medical consultant on the film has tested positive for COVID-19 as well, and Damon said he has been in contact with the film's screenwriter and consultants.

When he was asked about Contagion's renewed interest, Damon said that the presence of Contagion is proof that its "tragic" and "sad" fallout could have been predicted.