Paul Rudd Predicted Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Win A Year Ago Today

The idea that "we'll get 'em next time" is such a standard response to a hard-fought loss that it's usually easy enough to ignore when somebody turns out to be right. It's a little harder to ignore, of course, when the comment is made on the NFL's Twitter account, and the "next time" is the Super Bowl. That's where Ant-Man and the Wasp star Paul Rudd comes in, going viral on Super Bowl night the same way he did on Halloween...with old content. After last year's disappointment for the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC championship game, Rudd was cornered for a comment and...well, it's at least the good kind of "coming back to haunt you the next year."

Besides last year's promise of victory, Rudd doubled down on it recently, teaming up with Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet to predict the win. The pair referenced last year's heartbreaking loss and cited the offsides penalty that led to the end of Kansas City's season last time around.

You can check last year's comments below.


Rudd is famously a fan of Kansas City sports, not just supporting the Chiefs but also the Kansas City Royals; he came out in force for them when they won the World Series in 2015. The teams love him back; a an NFL Honors event last month, members of the Chiefs gathered with Rudd and they all mutually geeked out and took photos together. After the Series win, the Royals showered him with champagne.

This time around, there were a bunch of people pulling for Kansas City on the strength of Rudd’s enthusiasm alone. Now, they’ve gotten their wish and Twitter is showing their appreciation. One person to think of at this moment is his friend Jeremy Renner who will have to wait until next year to see the San Francisco 49ers lift the Lombardi Trophy. But, for now, the Chiefs are ready to party and Rudd is going to be right in the thick of it. Yesterday he was back on the red carpet for another year of NFL Honors, and during a short conversation with Cleveland Browns Pro-Bowler Jarvis Landry, the Ant-Man actor absolutely assured the star that Kansas City players were ready for this moment. His belief was rewarded today with an amazing comeback victory that saw the team score 21 points in the fourth quarter to roar back from a 10-point deficit.