Paul Rudd Reacts To Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Win: "Nothing's Better Than This"

With production on the third Ant-Man movie scheduled to begin in about a year's time, star Paul Rudd now has plenty of ammunition to keep him motivated for staying in superhero shape. A long time fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, with family roots in the city, Rudd was able to witness his favorite team win their first Super Bowl in fifty years, their first appearance in the big game since 1969. Rudd was seen celebrating on the field after the team's victory and was interviewed by Fox Sports with his reaction to the game.

"It feels like I'm seeing colors for the first time in my life," Rudd said. "Nothing's better than this, nothing's better."

Rudd went on to point that his son Jack had suffered a nose bleed after the victory because "he was so excited." Jack, also a die-hard Chiefs fan, added: "It doesn't even feel real, it really does not even feel real...I had a bloody nose, I didn't even know it had happened."

Following the come-from-behind victory of the Chiefs, a staple of their entire post-season play, Fox Sports cameras captured the Ant-Man star hugging star quarterback Patrick Mahomes as they both wore their championship t-shirts. There is still confetti on the ground and Rudd’s son swooped in for a hug as well.


Rudd is famously a fan of Kansas City sports, not just supporting the Chiefs but also the Kansas City Royals; he came out in force for them when they won the World Series in 2015. The teams love him back; a an NFL Honors event last month, members of the Chiefs gathered with Rudd and they all mutually geeked out and took photos together. After the Series win, the Royals showered him with champagne. The actor even narrated the HBO season of Hard Knocks that profiled the Chiefs back in 2007.

Various actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been pleased with the outcome of the Super Bowl for the past few years with Chris Evans; New England Patriots winning the title in 2019 and 2017, and Bradley Cooper's Philadelphia Eagles winning in 2018. Even 2016 champs the Denver Broncos have an MCU vet in their corner with Don Cheadle pulling for the team after attending high school in the Denver area. The question now remains, which Avenger will be happiest this time next year?