Pizza Hut Ad Offering Bottomless Water Goes Viral

At long last, one major pizza chain has snapped into reality. Beginning January 14th, Pizza Hut will begin serving bottomless water completely free of charge. The revolutionary news — read, an early April Fools' Day treat — comes courtesy of the chain's Philippines-based social media platforms. Friday, the Pizza Hut Philippines uploaded a designed graphic promoting the free water, a post that's since gone viral ten-fold.

"We're pouring the love, guys—FREE bottomless cold water!" the post reads. "That's right, nothing's too good for our customers. Simply dine in at any Pizza Hut branch starting January 14. Trust us, you'll need it!"

Stateside, the chain isn't performing all too well amongst pizza fans. Last August, the Pizza Hut corporate office announced it would be shuttering upwards of 500 dine-in stores across the country as it shifted focus to delivery-only locations. At the time, the pizza chain boasted 7,496 stores. It's expected that number will be below 7,000 within the next two years.

“Pizza Hut continues to develop tailored action plans for our largest dine-in markets, while at the same time transforming the estate for a more compelling off-premise focused asset strategy,” Yum! Brands chief Greg Creed said during the company's latest quarterly earnings call.


Yum! Brands also owns and operates the Taco Bell, KFC, and WingStreet brands. The company is based in Louisville, Kentucky.

Stay hydrated, friends.