Pizza Hut Launching 4 New Menu Items

Pizza Hut may be known for its pizza – the brand even recently brought back the beloved Edge pizza for a limited time – but the iconic restaurant is branching out a bit with its menu and that includes the launch of four new oven-baked pastas. This will mark the first time that Pizza Hut has not only expanded but revamped their pasta offering lineup with new varieties and ingredients, including penne pasta and new sauces. The new pastas are available beginning Thursday, July 28th at restaurants nationwide.

The four Oven-Baked Pastas are Chicken Alfredo, Italian Meats, Cheesy Alfredo, and Veggie. Each Oven-Baked Pasta also comes with a side of garlic breadsticks because you just can't have pasta without breadsticks. You can check out the descriptions for the pastas below.

•   Chicken Alfredo: You can't go wrong with this classic combination of NEW creamy Alfredo sauce, grilled chicken, and oven-baked cheese.

•   Italian Meats: Fill up on this savory new recipe that's packed with sweet tomato sauce, pepperoni, Italian sausage and of course, cheese.

•   Cheesy Alfredo:  A cheese lover's dream featuring a NEW creamy Alfredo sauce and two layers of cheese with baked-fresh parmesan on top.

•   Veggie: A flavorful combo of sweet tomato sauce, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, black olives and oven-baked cheese. 

Pizza Hut first introduced their Tuscani pasta lineup nearly two decades ago with that pasta lineup being introduced in 2003. The new, Oven-Baked Pastas replace the Tuscani pastas and, according to Pizza Hut, the new lineup is a premium offering.

"Customers come to Pizza Hut for best tasting pizza and new pizza innovations, but we now have pastas that are premium, great tasting and affordable for you or your family" said Lindsay Morgan, Chief Marketing Officer, Pizza Hut. "These are my new go-to order when I'm sending lunch or dinner to friends or family."

The four new Oven-Baked Pastas are available nationwide starting at $8.99 for one or you can pair any two recipes at $13.99.

Will you be trying Pizza Hut's new pastas? Which flavor are you most interested in trying? Will you miss the Tuscani pasta lineup? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.