Pumpkin Spice OREOs Are Making a Comeback

The calendar reads August and fall is officially around the corner, meaning all things pumpkin spice will soon return for the season. OREO is getting a leg up on autumn, revealing Wednesday the snack-maker's intentions to bring back Pumpkin Spice OREO cookies this year. For the first time in five years, the fall staple will be available wherever snacks are sold.

According to an OREO release, the cookies will be available nationwide for a limited-time beginning August 15th.

Like most other snack brands, OREO typically unveils special fall flavors each year, blending the seasonal flavors into its iconic cookies and creme filling. Last year, the company opted to release two different flavors instead, Apple Cider Donut OREOs and Salted Caramel Brownie OREOs.

Nostalgia has been a driving force behind the cookie brand this year. In January, OREO announced the return of OREO Cakesters, the brand's longtime "puffy" variety.

"Oreo loyalists have been asking and waiting patiently for Oreo Cakesters to return and we're thrilled to celebrate this epic comeback!" Justin Parnel, vice president of marketing for Oreo said in a statement (via People). "We hope the Blockbuster takeover will playfully bring store-goers back to 2007, when Cakesters first launched, and the soft-baked snacks became a fan-favorite."


Cakesters are described as being a playfully delicious, soft-baked take on the classic cookies fans know and love. With the signature tastes of Oreo and Nutter Butter baked into each and every bite of Cakesters' soft cake and creme filling, they're a treat perfect as an anytime, anywhere indulgence. The original Oreo Cakesters are made with a delicious, smooth creme filling paired between two soft chocolate-flavored snack cakes. The Nutter Butter Cakesters are made with real peanut butter filling sandwiched between two soft snack cakes.