Ryan Reynolds Teams Up With Diddy and David Beckham for Super Bowl Weekend Commercial

Super Bowl weekend may not be filled with all of the commercial bravado that we've become used to, with major companies and studios opting not to air new ads during the big game on Sunday. However, Internet commercial king Ryan Reynolds is helping to spice things up heading into Sunday, joining forces with a couple of other big celebrity alcohol owners in an effort to help the struggling bartending industry deal with the pandemic.

On Friday morning, Reynolds released a brand new commercial that featured his Aviation Gin brand, along with Diddy's Deleon Tequila and David Beckham's Haig Club Whiskey. Each of the three stars appear in the commercial, tasting a drink made from all three liquors and "natural flavors from Tampa Bay and Kansas City," designed specifically to bring everyone together for the Super Bowl. Things don't go according to plan, as you can see in the commercial below.

Gin, tequila, and whiskey don't go well together, even when you add in some other flavors. Reynolds, Diddy, and Beckham all tried a different variation of the drink, and they all spit it out immediately. After Reynolds unleashed a horde of bleeped-out obscenities, Diddy proclaimed that the drink tasted like "ass feet."

This drives home the point of the commercial: The world needs mixologists and bartenders, because coming up with drinks on our own is clearly a bad idea. That's why the commercial reveals that the three liquor companies are teaming up to donate $1 million to organizations that help the hospitality and service industry workers affected by the pandemic.


The money donated will go to Bartenders Benevolent Fund, Another Round Another Rally, and The Drinks Trust. All of these organizations are designed to help those who have been struggling in those industries over the last year.

Reynolds mentioned Sunday in his tweet, so it seems as though the commercial will air during the Super Bowl. However, that has yet to be confirmed.