Seattle Kraken May Be Name For New NHL Franchise

Seattle is getting an NHL expansion team and the region is happy about the development. You can include a very stoked Kevin Smith among their number, but only if they choose one of the most popular rumored names for the team. @russianmachine reported that Kraken was the believed choice for the franchise and the director just couldn’t help himself. To his credit, there were a lot of fans of a potential Seattle Kraken club in the replies under Smith’s tweet. But, for as many who think the sea monster motif would rule, there are others who believe the nickname would absolutely stink. Hockey fans will have to wait and see what the team decides to do when the time for an announcement comes. Until then, Smith and others will wait for them to release the Kraken.

Smith wrote on Twitter, “SEATTLE! If you name your new @NHL team the KRAKEN, so help me Zeus, I will become a big, fat Krak-Head! Release the Kraken - the most absolutely metal name for hockey team since the @NJDevils! (Also: RT #BellLetsTalk all day, whenever you can!)”

The noise around this rumor is so loud that the NHL itself had to respond with an official statement: “At NHL Seattle, we are thrilled by the growing excitement about our team—and we can’t wait to share every detail with our fans. However, we will not be commenting on any rumors. Please check our social channels for more updates.”

Over at the team Twitter account, they gave their take on all this speculation as well. "While we're aware of some fishy rumors surrounding our team name, please rest assured we're doing our due diligence by scouring the depths of the ocean, the tallest mountains, and the densest parts of the forest to find the right name for our great, green city," the team wrote.