Spotify Announces Exclusive, Multi-Year Partnership With Bad Robot Audio

Bad Robot has been telling audiences captivating stories for years, thanks to projects like Lost, Westworld, and Cloverfield, with the studio confirming that they are partnering with Spotify to develop even more perplexing narratives for the world of audio productions, both in scripted and non-scripted formats. No details about the projects that will be released by Bad Robot Audio have been revealed yet, but given their impressive catalog of movies, TV, and video games, fans can surely expect gripping and ambitious experiences, which will likiely push the boundaries of what the audio medium is capable of delivering to listeners.

Per press release, "Bad Robot is rolling out Bad Robot Audio, a new division dedicated to developing and producing original scripted and non-scripted audio content. Bad Robot Audio launches in collaboration with Spotify and will be led by former Audible and Spotify award-winning executive, Christina Choi who joins as Head of Podcasts at Bad Robot. The announcement was made by Bad Robot's President and COO, Brian Weinstein.

"Bad Robot, whose unparalleled storytelling and worldbuilding has led to global creative and commercial success across film, television, and digital platforms, will now explore new ways to tell stories through the audio format. The new multi-year exclusive first look with Spotify gives Bad Robot Audio a showcase for these new narrative non-fiction and fiction podcast productions. Conversely, the deal with Bad Robot comes as Spotify's audio business continues to see unprecedented growth driven by waves of new content being introduced to its platform

"Spotify demonstrated an early belief in and commitment to the potential of audio and is now a driving force behind the rapid growth of the medium. Their significant investments in the space have elevated podcasting within the entertainment industry and established a new outlet for creators like JJ Abrams and Bad Robot Audio to entertain, inspire and inform listeners all over the world.

"Podcasts have obviously become a go-to destination for entertainment, education, and discovery. Given Bad Robot's work in TV, film, games, and music, podcasts was an obvious topic of conversation within the company for a long time. We are thrilled to welcome Christina Choi to lead the way, and to collaborate with Dawn and the incredible Spotify team to bring some incredible stories to life," Bad Robot's Co-CEO JJ Abrams shared in a statement.

"We're incredibly honored to welcome visionary JJ Abrams and his renowned Bad Robot productions into the Spotify family. Bad Robot productions have produced some of the world's most riveting and award-winning content and we cannot wait to see how their imaginative stories transcend into the audio space" said Dawn Ostroff, Chief Content and Advertising Business Officer. "We are committed to bringing some of the world's most respected and dynamic creators to Spotify exclusively, and we are thrilled to add Bad Robot and JJ Abrams's mind-bending and world-building stories, alongside their hugely loyal following of dedicated fans, to our wide-ranging catalog of world-class audio talent."

"I'm thrilled to join Bad Robot as they expand into the world of podcasting. The medium allows for the imagination of creators to thrive. I'm honored to have the opportunity to build out this new venture with Katie, JJ, Brian, and the Bad Robot team. I'm also looking forward to reuniting with Spotify, which was where I started my career in podcasting. I hope through our partnership we can create quality audio content that is meaningful, inclusive, and creator first," Choi continued.

Stay tuned for details on the future of Bad Robot Audio.

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