Taco Bell Date From Hell Ends Up With Woman Buying 100 Tacos

We've all probably been on our fair share of bad dates. But probably not forced-to-buy-100-tacos-for-a-rando-you-just-met-online-bad, right? That's the case with TikTok creator Elyse Myers, who documented her fateful trip to the Bell in a now-viral video with over 2.4 million likes and nearly 290,000 shares.

As Myers details, she met her date through a dating app and the two opted to hit up their local Taco Bell to test the waters. You know, Live Mas, or whatever. That's when Myers says her date claimed he happened to leave his wallet at home...after he had already order ed100 hard shell tacos.

"We get to the speaker and he just leans over and goes, 'I would like 100 hard shell tacos. Thank you,'" Myers hilariously recalls. She then recounts her night of hell as the duo takes the 100 tacos — which would have cost Ms. Myers roughly $119 depending on the location, mind you.

The two took the tacos and went back to his place, only to find out he still lived with his parents. After the date seemingly proclaimed to the entire city he was about to eat his weight in Taco Bell tacos, Myers says she had no choice but to play along.

"I am just calmly unwrapping my taco and taken a bite of it. We are eating hard shell tacos in complete silence. You can hear both of us chewing. It's absolute chaos," an exasperated Myers says. After the father walked in and started eating tacos with the already-failed lovebirds, Myers decided to make a run for it.

She started gathering up the remaining tacos — she did pay for them, after all — and promptly left the residence. As she walked out the door, Myers look back and chimed "Thank you for this experience, you will never heard from me again."

See the TikTokers hilarious account of her worst first date below.


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