The Gray Man: Chris Evans' Dog Dresses Up as His Character

When it comes to dapper dogs, there's no one out there quite like Dodger. Chris Evans' best pal is constantly being showcased on social media whether it's photos of him on National Rescue Dog Day or his shockingly impressive singing skills. Back when Evans starred in Knives Out in 2019, the actor's sweater became a hot topic on social media, and Evans shared an adorable Christmas message that featured Dodger rocking the look. Now, Dodger is dressing up like Evans' latest character, Lloyd Hansen from The Gray Man

"While filming #thegrayman the wardrobe department accidentally shrunk one of Lloyd's shirts. I obviously kept it for one reason," Evans shared. The actor's The Grey Man co-star, Julie Butters, commented on the post. "I need to get this sweater for my cat," she wrote. Even Evans' co-Avenger Jeremy Renner had something to say in the comments. "Handsome boy," he added. The Gray Man was helmed by Avengers: Endgame directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, so their production company AGBO took Dodger's costume a step further with a fun "who wore it best" post. You can check out the posts below:

 Evans invested in the dog food startup Jinx last year, and he recently spoke to Forbes about the partnership. 

"You're always looking for good partnerships – things that mean something to you, things you're passionate about," Evans shared. "Then meeting with the folks at Jinx – they share the passion that I feel for dogs and they explain the product and you realize that all the pieces of the puzzle were there. It just made perfect sense." 

"Well, basically just brand awareness," Evans continued in the Forbes interview. "I'm not trying to rock the boat too much. These [Jinx] guys know what they're doing. Even when you sit down with them, you realize Wow, I'm jumping on a pretty fast-moving train. So, we're going to shoot a commercial and just try to bring more awareness to the brand."

"He is everything to me," Evans added about Dodger. "He's the most honest, loyal, stoic teacher you could possibly ask for. He's so reliable. We don't deserve them, do we? They're such good creatures. It blows my mind sometimes that they exist [laughs]. I've had different dogs in my life, I've known so many, and Dodger just really stands alone. No disrespect to any other dogs, but he's just really a perfect animal. It was kind of a no-brainer to partner up on something that would help him."

The Gray Man is now streaming on Netflix.