This Amazing Marriage Proposal Literally Rewrites Disney's Sleeping Beauty

After six months of preparation, Lee Loechler was finally ready to propose to his girlfriend, Sthuthi David. The twist? That six months had been spent with an animator and together, the pair rewrote cinematic history to put Loechler and David into Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty, David's favorite movie. During a screening at a local theater, they managed to screen the altered version of the animation classic, in which an animated version of Loechler sets up the real-life version to pop the question, even providing an engagement ring for him to use (it's better to just watch it). As you might expect, he had a camera set up to record his girlfriend's reactions as the movie diverged from the expected path and became somewhat surreal to watch.

Showing that she had some perspective even after all of that, David said "Oh, my God, these poor people," apparently feeling bad that the couple's special moment may have ruined the movie for other people in the audience -- which is when she realized that Loechler had bought their front-row tickets to hide the fact that the theater was packed with their friends and family.

It's a heartwarming video, and the animation by artist Kayla Coombs is top-notch, but the extra touch of the movie-versions of Loechler and David getting bored "waiting" for the proposal to happen are like an adorable version of a DVD menu Easter egg, and it's great.

As you might expect, the video has taken off already with more than 50,000 views on YouTube since it was posted earlier today. Hopefully he monetized that video, to help pay off the cost of the animation, theater rental, and all the other madness that went into this truly epic proposal. There are hundreds of comments and, as you might expect, most of them are some variation on how high he has set the bar for the next person to try and come up with a creative proposal. That's the angle that the popular viral-content site Upworthy took when they wrote the video up earlier today.


It's a pretty impressive proposal, top to bottom, from the great idea to the adorable cartoon itself. Certainly more than what we did the last time we wanted to watch Sleeping Beauty, which was walk the 10 or so feet to the DVD shelf to pull it down.

The only downside? These two are going to be getting "happily ever after" and "fairy tale ending"-themed wedding gifts almost exclusively.