Tillamook Announces National Cheddar Day Collection Including 40-Pound Block of Cheese and Cheddar Cargo Pants

Last year, Oregon-based cheese brand Tillamook delighted cheese fans everywhere by selling their "Mother Loaf", a 40-pound block of cheddar, to the public for the first time and they sold out in minutes. This year, in honor of National Cheddar Day, the creamery is not only bringing back the Mother Loaf, but they're taking the "cheddabration" to the next level with the launch of new merch, including Party Pants with insulated pockets to carry your snacking cheese with you wherever you go.

On Tuesday, Tillamook announced their upcoming 2022 Cheddar Capsule which will include six items total, the Mother Loaf, Party Pants, a Thick Cut Crewneck, and the Slices Bag, a Snacky Koozy, and Lucky Cheddar Player Cards. The items will be available for sale in the Tillamook Shop online beginning at 8 a.m. PT February 1st.

"When we announced the Mother Loaf last National Cheddar Day, it sold out in 20 minutes," Joe Prewett, executive vice president brand and category growth at Tillamook County Creamery Association said in a statement. "This year, our farmer-owned co-operative celebrates 112 years on February 13, so we thought the best way to celebrate with our fans would be to bring back the Mother Loaf again — and then som. We've added a bold music video, cheesy swag, and fun fan giveaways to help Cheddar-lovers everywhere upgrade any food moment, whether to dress up your table or yourself."

The Mother Loaf will sell for $150 and is a 40-pound block of sharp cheddar. This is the item that sold out in mere minutes last year. The Party Pants cost $35 and these one-of-a-kind pants come complete with removable, insulated pockets that double as a cheddar toting clutch or wristlet. The Thick Cut Crewneck is $25 and is described as "be as bold as our cheddar in our bright orange party foul resistant crewneck with fringe inspired by our Farmstyle Thick Cut Shreds." The Slices Bag is $15 and is a multi-functional bag inspired by and built to fit Tillamook's Farmstyle Thick Cut Slices. The Snacky Koozy is $5 and is designed to keep both your drink and cheese cool and the detachable snack pouch. moves from fridge to koozy to bag for chill convenience. And, of course, the Lucky Cheddar Playing Cards, which sell for $10, are a deck of cards inspired by Tillamook's Baby Loaf 2-pound cheddar block.

You can get a look at the whole Cheddar Collection on the website now—including a few other items, including a fringed hat and varsity v-neck shirt. The collection will go on sale on February 1st.

Will you be checking out Tillamook's Cheddar Capsule? What do you think of the Party Pants? Let us know in the comments!