Tony Hawk Got Asked If He Was Related To Tony Hawk At A COVID Testing Site

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, whose popularity exploded outside of the sport and grew to launch [...]

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, whose popularity exploded outside of the sport and grew to launch clothing, merch, and video games, seems to always run into people who think he reminds them -- just a little bit, mind you -- of skateboarding legend Tony Hawk. The latest example came in the form of a visit to a COVID testing site, where at least the attendant had the excuse of Hawk and his family being masked up as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Hawk, who has some experience navigating sitautions like this, can at least breathe a sigh of relief that this time he was compared to himself, rather than fictional billionaire Tony Stark.

Whenever Hawk has a "hey, did you know you kind of look like Tony Hawk?" moment, he seems to delight in sharing it with social media. While it's likely a lot of celebrities get these kind of encounters, sharing them has made it a recurring joke for Hawk and his fans whenever it happens.

You can see the latest below.

In another anecdote Hawk has shared, a man approached him at a coffee house in Cancun, after being told by his friend that Hawk was famous. Hawk deferred a bit, saying that it depended on the man's definition of fame, but the man persisted, asking if Hawk's photo would show up if the man were to Google him. Hawk said yes, and the man asked Hawk if he was Tony Stark.

Another time, a drive-through restaurant worker told him that he looked like Tony Hawk, but when Hawk leaned in to joke about it, the man amended that he only looked like Hawk "from the side."

A third such incident involved a TSA agent who, upon reading Hawk's ID, remarked "Oh, like the skateboarder! I wonder what he's up to these days."

He related the stories often enough that some clever fan came up with the idea of calling it "Tony Hawk's Existential Crisis," giving a perfect way to Google all these encounters if you're so inclined. One of our favorites involves a car rental agent who had deleted Hawk's reservation, assuming that somebody was making a joke when they booked the rental as "Tony Hawk."

Hopefully, Hawk and his family all test negative, and 2021 can be a happy new year for the one and only (no matter what other people say) Tony Hawk.