Wendy's New Loaded Nacho Burger and Queso Fries Unveiled

Wendy's is expanding its Made to Crave menu with the new Loaded Nacho Burger and Queso Fries.

The Wendy's Made to Crave menu just landed two new items. Tuesday, the burger joint officially unveiled its Loaded Nacho Burger and Queso Fries, joining the chain's rotating menu of experimental items. According to the restaurant, both items are being released in preparation of the fall tailgating season, paying homage to snacks and foods typically found at the pre-game festivities.

When it comes to the Loaded Nacho Burger, Wendy's is taking its typical quarter-pound beef patty and topping it with tortilla strips, cruncy corn, Poblano Queso, and a new Chipotle sauce before placing it all on a specially-made Jalapeno Cheddar Bun. For those not wanting a burger, the sandwich is also available with a chicken patty instead of a hamburger.

"The base of this delicious sandwich starts with a jalapeno cheddar bun that is made with a tinge of unexpected sweetness from the corn, topped with a spicy and smoky chipotle sauce, and lettuce and tomato for a little bit freshness," Wendy's chief culinary innovator Jay Drumm says of the sandwich. "Next, we have a slice of American cheese and new Poblano Queso for a slight kick, and for that extra Nacho texture, we have crispy corn and tortilla strips in addition to our MVP – a quarter pound of fresh never frozen beef. It's all of the textural components that you love in a nacho platter, all in one bite."

Drumm adds, "We've spent over 2 years perfecting this sandwich because we wanted to deliver that nacho platter experience that you get when you're watching a big game, but all in one bite. Competitors are playing with spice or texture, but no one is doing it like Wendy's does." 

As a side, Wendy's is also rolling out Queso Fries. Taking its fries and topping them with ooey-gooey cheese, restaurant execs say the fries are the perfect complement for the latest Wendy's sandwich.

"As soon as Jay finished the development of the Loaded Nacho Cheeseburger, we knew we wanted to pair it up with a loaded and topped fry," Wendy's culinary innovation vice president John Li adds. "We wanted to take advantage of the Poblano Cheese Sauce that took 20+ iterations to perfect. Through testing, we learned it's the perfect topping for our winning hot and crispy fries."

Both items should now be available at your local Wendy's and will be on the menu for a limited-time only.