Wings, Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Actress Farrah Forke, Dies at 54

Farrah Forke, star of NBC's Wings and Lois and Clark: The New Adventure of Superman, died on Friday, February 25th at the age of 54. Forke's family announced that she passed away at her home in Texas after a long battle with cancer. She portrayed the helicopter pilot Alex Lambert on Wings from 1990-1997 through Seasons 4-6, and was a love interest for Tim Daly's Joe Hackett and Steven Weber's Brian Hackett. Forke ultimately ended up choosing Brian. She also played attorney Mayson Drake on Season 2 of ABC's Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman from 1994-1995.

"Farrah was fierce, tender, loyal, loving, strong, funny, smart, protective, kind, passionate and utterly irreplaceable," the family said in a statement. "She brought a light so great to the world that even after her passing, the light remains."

Her previous credits include the CBS sitcom Dweebs and NBC's Mr. Rhodes. Forke appeared as Carey in 10 episodes of Dweebs in 1995, and as Niki Harkin in 17 episodes of Mr. Rhoades from 1996-1997. Appearing in Lois and Clark: The New Adventure of Superman wasn't her only role in a DC television project. She also voiced Big Barda in 2000's Batman Beyond and 2005's Justice League Unlimited, two animated series starring DC's superheroes.

Forke's feature film roles included 1994's Disclosure by Barry Levinson, 1995's Heat by Michael Mann, 1998's Ground Control by Richard Howard, and 1998's Kate's Addiction by Eric DelaBarre.

She spoke of one of her proudest roles, which coincidentally wasn't on a broadcast network or the big screen, when she starred in a comedy called It Is What It Is that screened at the New York International Film Festival in 2003. "It's by far the best work I've ever done," Farrah told ETruth. She was also the executive producer on the project, which she recalled, "I was really good at it."

The actress eventually decided to step away from acting and Hollywood, realizing she had enough of the LA lifestyle. "I lost it," Farrah said. "I was in the middle of that movie, but I had to get out of L.A." Forke visited her father in New Mexico, which is where she decided to reside for the time.

"I've lived in Taos for three and a half years," Farrah said, who wasted no time in renting a home in the area. "Julia Roberts lives down the road, but there is nobody right around me. For a long time, I had no TV."