Woody Harrelson Writes A Poem For a Baby That Looks Like Him

Actor and marijuana activist isn't enough: now Woody Harrelson has dipped his toe into poetry. Earlier this week, Twitter user Dani Grier Mulvenna shared a photo of her child, Cora, jokingly asking "Ok but how does our daughter look like Woody Harrelson?" The tweet went viral, and the actor took to Instagram to write an "Ode to Cora," celebrating the baby and saying that he was "flattered to be compared" to the child. (Then he found a pitch-perfect rhyme, with the bald actor joking that he wished he had her hair.)

Mulvenna took to Twitter again, sharing a screenshot from Harrelson's post and remarking, "It's not every day Woody Harrelson writes your daughter a poem."

You can see it below.

Harrelson, famous for roles in projects like Cheers, Natural Born Killers, and the Reddit favorite Rampart, recently appeared in the Spider-Man spinoff Venom: Let There Be Carnage. He has been promoting The Man From Toronto, in which he stars opposite Kevin Hart and plays the world's deadliest assassin, whose identity is confused with "New York's biggest screw-up" at an Airbnb rental.

He also has a couple of movies coming up, including Champions -- a movie about a Special Olympics basketball team -- and Last Breath, a narrative film based on the documentary of the same name. That film used archival footage and gave audiences a look into what should by all rights have been the final moments of a deep sea diver, stranded on the seabed with 5 minutes of oxygen and no hope of rescue. The air somehow managed to last him 30 minutes, though, and he was ultimately found and returned to his dive bell.


Cora has yet to appear in any movies, being a baby and all, but if there's a Zombieland sequel in twenty years or so, we're betting she has a distinct advantage in the casting process.