Marvel Releases Bulletproof Love From Luke Cage Featuring Method Man

Luke Cage sets a definitive and pulsating tone with its musical score, which features tracks inspired by some of Hip Hop's elite. That elite group includes Method Man, who crafted a new track specifically for the Luke Cage soundtrack called Bulletproof Love.

You can hear the song in the video below, which contains a sparse but catchy drum beat that accentuates Method Man's vocals. He doesn't disappoint and delivers some great references to the Marvel Universe while he's doing it.

"Who to call when no one obeys the law and there ain't no Iron Man that can come to save us all. Power to the people and Luke Cage the cause, and the cops got it wrong, we don't think Cage involved."

He's at his best though in the next verse, where he pretty much sums up what Luke Cage means to not only the city of Harlem but to African American's looking for someone to believe in.

"Look dawg, a hero never had one, already took Malcolm and Martin this is the last one, I beg your pardon somebody pulling a fast one, now we got a hero for hire and he a black one. And bullet hole hoodies is the fashion, we in Harlem's Paradise till it got done, then I'm about to trade the mic for a magnum, give up my life for Trayvon to have one."

Alongside Method Man on the song and the soundtrack are music supervisors Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad. Younge previously spoke to what they were going for when creating the soundtrack to Luke Cage.

"From a musical perspective, Ali and I look at this as we're creating 13 albums, know what I'm saying? It's 13 episodes like 13 albums. We have music that is inspired by A Tribe Called Quest but at the same time inspired by Wu, and Ennio Morricone, and we all came together and said that we all wanted to make something great. Not just for black people or minorities, just something great, that just happens to be based on our culture. It was one of those things where I was like yo, we have a chance to make history here."

Luke Cage is available now on Netflix, and Bulletproof Love can be downloaded on iTunes and Google Play.

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