Wolverine 3: Who Dies in Logan?

The first trailer for Wolverine 3 (aka Logan) has left fans buzzing with questions and speculation. From the reveal of a girl who is almost certainly X-23, to the continued rumors that there will be a Mr. Sinister reveal coming, there's been plenty of new mystery inspired by the Logan trailer, despite us finally having a look at it.

One of the biggest mysteries in the trailer involves Wolverine in a graveyard, getting drunk against a tree while a very somber funeral plays out in the background. So now that we've seen the moment, we ask ourselves: Who Dies in Logan?

Prof. X

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The first and most obvious answer to this little "mystery" is that the funeral scene is for Patrick Stewart's Professor Xavier. We know Xavier is living in that wasteland setting alongside Logan and Caliban (Stephen Merchant) when the film starts, but the trailer had clear signs the legendary leader of the X-Men could get into a distressing situation or two (or three).

We know that Donald Pierce and The Reavers show up at Logan's home looking for young X-23; we see scenes of a brutal battle and car chase scene. Later on, we see Xavier in an indoor setting (like a motel room) having what looks like a psychic seizure. That seizure seems to zap the brains of everyone around him -is it a last use of his great powers to save Logan?

It seems pretty likely, and by mid-movie, would could definitely see Logan mourning his dead mentor - before going to get revenge, of course.


Stephen Merchant (Hello Ladies) plays the version of Caliban we'll see in Logan; we're not sure how this version of Caliban relates to the one we met in X-Men: Apocalypse, but that's a continuity question we're going to table for now.

We know that Caliban starts off in wasteland home of Logan and Xavier - but beyond that we don't know much about how long he hangs around in the film. Based on the same scene of Xavier having a power meltdown, we also get a quick glimpse of Caliban in seeming peril.

If Logan's story involves Wolverine's reflection on the amount of friends he's lost over the years, losing Caliban would be another chunk out of his soul.

An X-Man (Flashback)

Who Dies In Logan Wolverine 3 Deaths

It's hard to confirm in the brief footage of the funeral (in either color or black and white), but it seems as though Logan may not be the same grizzled age or have the same withered body we seen for most of the trailer. That funeral scene may arguably take place in the past.

If it does, it's likely that the person being buried is a memeber of the X-Men, with other teammates and friends there to honor him or her. If it's something like that, then the visual positioning of Logan relative to the crowd in the background could be a signal of how Logan began to drift away from the X-Men and his Wolverine persona. Especially if it's someone important to him (Jean Greay, Rogue, Cyclops, Storm...).

Those are our guesses - what are yours?

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Logan hits theaters on March 3, 2017, followed by Deadpool 2 on January 12, 2018. Movie versions of Gambit, New Mutants and X-Force are still being developed.

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