Mark Ruffalo Responds To Tom Holland Calling Him The Worst Avengers Secret Keeper

Mark Ruffalo has had a rather rough Marvel movie season, but that didn't keep him from responding to Tom Holland's remarks.

Holland is known for accidentally spilling secrets in interviews and panels, and quickly earned the top spot as worst Avengers secret keeper. That is until Mark Ruffalo came along. Ruffalo's been a big part of the Avengers family since the original film, but recently he's had a few guffaws when it comes to spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War and Thor: Ragnarok, the latter of which he accidentally live-streamed.

Holland decided that Ruffalo has surpassed him, saying "Now that @MarkRuffalo is officially the worst avengers secret keeper... can I get my script?" The Spider-Man actor got a good punch in (and really just wants his script), but Ruffalo piggybacked off a fan's response for his counter-attack.

@Cubansholland responded to Holland's original post with quite a burn, saying "No you can’t. At least he actually is an Avenger."

Ruffalo didn't miss a beat, capitalizing on the jab by saying "No hard feelings. What @cubansholland said?."

All of this started from an earlier Ruffalo interview, which indicated that a lot of people die in Avengers: Infinity War. Ruffalo appeared alongside War Machine actor Don Cheadle, and in his excitement let a big spoiler loose (at least presumably) “Wait until you see this next one,” the actor said, nodding to Avengers: Infinity War. “Everybody dies.”

It could have been tongue and cheek, but their reactions say otherwise. “Dude!” Cheadle yells, looking off-camera in panic. Ruffalo blanches before pointing off-screen.

Ruffalo then went into recovery mode.“Not everybody - no. Is that - can we rewind that part?” Ruffalo said. “Am I in trouble? Is Barry going to be mad at me?”

He is then visibly stressed, but Cheadle tells him to just move on. If those are not real, well, kudos to a superb acting performance.

The most recent spoiler is the aforementioned live-stream. Ruffalo spoke to fans on Instagram live right before screening Thor: Ragnarok. Unfortunately, Ruffalo didn't kill the stream before the movie started, so fans who kept watching got about 10 to 15 minutes of audio from the movie before the feed stopped.

Tom Holland might not be an Avenger, but he has successfully given the crown of spoiler king to Ruffalo.

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