Jon Bernthal Teases The Punisher's Dynamic With Micro

Frank Castle may be joined by the skilled and eccentric hacker David Lieberman, better known as Micro, in Marvel's The Punisher, but fans shouldn't expect interactions between the two to humorous.

Actor Jon Bernthal told Entertainment Weekly that while Ebon Moss-Bachrach's Micro might be a little off center thanks to living alone in a secret lair, Micro isn't going to be there just for comic relief.

"I do think there's a sense of humor to Frank Castle, but there's absolutely nothing tongue-in-cheek about [their interactions]," Bernthal said. "The last thing in the world he can give a sh-- about is making someone else laugh."

Laughter is something that in short supply considering what both Castle and Micro have been through. Both men have lost their families and while those losses come under very different circumstances, they share a sense of revenge though Micro's eccentricity will definitely bring balance to the show considering how serious and severe Castle is.

Of course, Micro's real benefit when it comes to Castle is what the hacker is able to do for Castle. With the ability to hack into files and systems to access the secrets and information Castle needs, Micro will serve as his eyes and ears during missions.

The Netflix series will mark the first time Micro has appeared onscreen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe continuity, though the character has been mentioned before. In an episode of Agents of SHIELD, Daisy mentioned Micro while she was with the Rising Tide and the character was mentioned again in the second season of Daredevil when Castle received a disc with "Micro" written on it.

Fans will get to see how Castle and Micro play off one another, and just how much help Micro is to Castle soon. The Punisher premieres on Netflix on November 17th.

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