'Runaways' Season 1 Episode 8: "Tsunami" Recap With Spoilers

Ok everyone, we're playing catch-up right now so don't expect the usual deep dive and nuance from Episode 7 of Marvel's Runaways. We're hitting the major points, and this episode was loaded with them.

Hulu and Marvel kick off "Tsunami" without a flashback, for a change, with Vitor Stein bleeding out on the floor. Tina and Robert Minoru show up to try and help Janet and Chase, with Tina realizing Janet shot him with her husband's gun. The Wilder parents arrive as well and are none too pleased to learn that the Minoru's beat them.

Geoffrey, who hasn't trusted Tina since the Hernandez parents were murdered, gets his gun ready, just in case. But when he realizes Chase there, he hides it and makes nice for the sake of appearances and PRIDE. They send Chase upstairs to get cleaned up, and so they can speak freely without him listening in on their nefarious business.

PRIDE calls the Yorkes to help with Victor instead of calling an ambulance, and also decide to leave Leslie Dean out of it for fear that word of their latest screwup would reach Jonah.

Dale and Stacey Yorkes a drop Molly off with her second cousin, and the youngest Runaway is none too happy with her adoptive parents. She says hurtful words to Stacey before storming off, and Stacey remarks that it can't get any worse than that. Dale adds insult to injury, showing the message he received from PRIDE: "Tsunami." Their code word for then sh*t hits the fan, which hasn't been used since the Hernandez parents were killed.

Cut back to Timely Coffee, Alex reveals to Nico that he knew a lot more about Amy Minoru's circumstances before her apparent suicide. Nico realizes Alex has been lying for over two years, never saying anything. Alex attempts to calm her down by explaining everything, revealing that Amy hacked her mom at Wizard and learned something awful.

Alex helped Amy realize that her parents were watching her and monitoring her computer activities, causing her to grow increasingly paranoid. Amy speaks in private with Kincaid, the Wizard security officer, and the two apparently have a close relationship. He confides that he cannot keep this from her mom, that she will find out, and Amy is terrified at what her mom will do to her.

Alex regrets not doing enough to save her, but Nico has realized that her mom has lied the entire time — she knew everything. But that doesn't distract her anger with Alex for keeping the secret from her. Nico realizes that Amy's backpack and phone were never found, hinting that she might have been trying to run away instead of committing suicide, so she goes hunting in her sister's room to find out.

Molly's new caretaker gives her a letter and a locker key left by her parents, hidden with someone they could trust in case PRIDE antics blew back on them. The letter simply says: "Find Elian."

Molly realizes Elian is her stuffed animal elephant left on the train one time, and her parents drove her to chase down the train at the next stop where they find the toy right where they left it. She decides to go to the same station, finds the corresponding locker, containing an old VHS tape.

Chase tries to call Gert but can't get through, because she's holed up in the basement with Old Lace after Molly was whisked away. So he tries calling Karolina and tells her about his dad being hurt, then regrets calling her and hangs up. Karolina, worried, calls Nico and leaves a message about Chase's dad and that they need to check on him. But Leslie overhears and realizes some PRIDE secrets are going down without her.

Leslie crashes the life-saving party and decides to call Frank instead of Jonah, since he has the healing gloves and she too worries about Jonah's reaction. Frank arrives but his gloves don't work and he accidentally stops Victor's heart, right as Jonah arrives thanks to a tip from Tina Minoru and NOT Leslie. He decides to use the box that revived him to do the same to Victor, who is vital to future plans for his engineering prowess, but a sacrifice is required.

Jonah choosing Janet for the sacrifice causes a chain of events that sees her lover Robert Minoru attempt to take her place, which forces Tina Minoru to use her staff to destroy the box and save her husband's life. The gesture causes Robert and Tina's love to reignite with a tiny spark, but with only one box, there's no way to save Victor's life through the same method they used to revive Jonah.

Victor's heart stops beating and though it seems like he's taken his last breath, the parents place the body in the box — Jonah explains that the residual energies from the box's power source would keep his body preserved so they can hope to revive him in the future. Victor remains, not dead but not alive either, in what is quite possibly the most literal interpretation of Schrödinger's Cat on a television show.

Karolina, Gert, and Old Lace arrive at Chase's — Karolina runs into her dad in the living room and laments that he is involved with PRIDE, while Gert consoles Chase.

Nico finds the backpack and cellphone, but since it's been two years without a charge it is decidedly dead. She charges the phone, while Alex's decryption has finished on the PRIDE's secret files.

Everyone meets up with Alex to turn in the audience, but Chase goes back on the plan. The PRIDE have his father in stasis, and if they were to get arrested there's no telling what would happen to Victor. He and Alex get into a fight, and Chase destroys the hard drive, getting rid of the evidence needed to turn their parents in. Everyone stares at Chase in shock and he apologizes, but his father's life is more important to him than the group's collective needs.

Amy's phone finishes charging, and the latest message she received before dying pops up. It's from an unknown sender and says "He found out. LEAVE THE HOUSE NOW!!!"

The episode ends with a flashback to Amy Minoru right before she died, frantically packing a bag and erasing her hard drive after receiving the message mentioned above. Someone steps in the doorway of her bedroom and she stares in terror, the episode ending without the viewer getting to see who is there to seal her fate.

Marvel's RunawaysTuesday at 8 PM ET on Hulu

Marvel's Runaways

Marvel's RunawaysTuesday at 8 PM ET on Hulu

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