'Jessica Jones' Star Krysten Ritter on Season 2 Surprises

The much-anticipated second season of Jessica Jones premieres on Netflix later this week and now, as that premiere nears, series star Krysten Ritter is chatting about surprises -- both in the upcoming second season and about how audiences reacted to the first season of the Marvel Television series.

In a recent interview with Collider, Ritter revealed that while she loved the character of Jessica Jones from the word go, she was surprised at how much audiences loved her, too.

"I know that I'm excited for them to see Jessica again," Ritter said. "I like the show. I like the character. I like what she represents. I've loved her from the first day that I read the script. What surprised me the most was how much other people also loved her. I keep my blinders on and look at the work in front of me. I was only thinking about making my part really great and shoving my whole self into every detail. But then, you're like, 'Oh, right, it's gonna come out and other people are gonna see it,' and that's terrifying."

Ritter went on to explain that it's something she doesn't let her think about when she's working, but that the positive response to both her portrayal of the hard-drinking private eye who just so happens to have a dark past and super powers as been amazing and now, going into the second season, she wants to keep making fans happy.

"I never think about that when I'm doing the work," Ritter said. "When it came out and was well-received, and people really liked it and liked Jessica, and they dress up like her and quote her, it's so amazing. I'm hoping that we don't disappoint our fans and that they're just as excited to see her return as I am."


As for Jessica's return, the Netflix series isn't just picking up after the events of the first season. Jessica's team up in The Defenders has set her up to be recognized as a vigilante superhero, a complicated new normal for a character that would prefer to be left alone with her issues and whiskey. When the heroine returns, Ritter also teased that things would get even darker for Jessica.

Fans will get to see just how much darker things get for Jessica in this new status quo when the second season of Jessica Jones premieres on Netfilx Thursday, March 8th.