'Avengers: Infinity War' Covers Connected Into One Gigantic 23 Character Poster

Marvel debuted some beautiful new covers today, but now you can see all of them in one epic and textless poster.

Marvel and EW debuted 15 new covers, which featured various characters from the anticipated Avengers: Infinity War. While the covers could be combined to form a large Avengers logo, the images were covered with text. Now you can see all of them combined without any of that pesky text, and it's pretty impressive.

The full poster image can be viewed below.

(Photo: EW)

The covers include Scarlet Witch and Nebula, a new look Thor (with eye patch), Groot, and Rocket Raccon, Doctor Strange (solo), Hulk (solo), Star-Lord and Okoye, Vision and Shuri, Black Panther (solo), Thanos (solo, with Infinity Gauntlet), Spider-Man (solo), Mantis and Winter Soldier (with new look arm), War Machine and Drax (yay), Iron Man with snazzy new wings (solo), Black Widow (solo), Captain America (solo), and Falcon and Gamora.

Now, there are a couple of notable exceptions here. Hawkeye and Thanos' Black Order are not featured here, and neither is Pepper Potts, Heimdall, Valkyrie, Wong, or Aunt May, though all of those characters will be a part of the upcoming film in some capacity or another.

Here's hoping those characters get some sweet poster shine at some point down the line, but in the meantime, you can start figuring out how to get this gorgeous poster on your wall.


You can check out the original covers (with text included) here.

Fans can still enjoy Black Panther, which is in theaters now. Avengers: Infinity War lands in theaters on April 27, and Ant-Man and The Wasp soars into theaters on July 6. Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8, 2019, followed by Avengers 4 on May 3, 2019.