Fans Are Comparing the 'Avengers: Infinity War' and 'Thor: Ragnarok' Posters

Some Marvel Studios fans are noticing that the new poster for Avengers: Infinity War looks a bit familiar.

The poster features the extended cast of the epic Marvel Cinematic Universe film. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) takes center stage as Iron Man with his arms outstretched in both directions. Thanos (Josh Brolin) looms over Iron Man and the mysterious circular Q-Ship seen in the Avengers: Infinity War trailers frames them both.

It's pretty similar to the design of the Thor: Ragnarok poster. That poster put Thor (Chris Hemsworth) in the center, the god of thunder also striking what artist fan artist BossLogic describes on Twitter as the “come at me bro” pose. Hela (Cate Blanchett) looms behind Thor and its all frame by a circular design.

Here’s the side-by-side comparison mocked up by BossLogic:

Thor Ragnarok Avengers Infinity War poster

Thor is one of the two characters with the most screentime in Avengers: Infinity War and, according to the makers of the films, has a pivotal role in the film’s story.

"I think between Ragnarok and this film, I think Thor has a really, really compelling arc," said co-director Joe Russo. "I think he's a pretty fascinating character, and I think he's going to jump to the forefront of people's mind, as a pivotal Marvel character, after Ragnarok and this. We grew up executing projects that were in a similar vein as [Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi]'s sensibility. Arrested Development, Community. We jive very well with Taika, and with the direction he's taking that character in. I think that we always want and desire, as filmmakers, pathos as well, out of our characters. We find that humor and pathos in combination create a more profound experience for you. I think that Taika has done that very well in Ragnarok. We now get to take Thor on a really compelling journey."

Avengers: Infinity War on April 27th. Black Panther is now in theaters. Other upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movies include Ant-Man and the Wasp on July 6th, Captain Marvel on March 8, 2019, the fourth Avengers movie on May 3, 2019, the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming on July 5, 2019, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in 2020.


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