How 'Cloak and Dagger' Explores the Darkforce Dimension

Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger is, for the most part, the story of two teens who gain unwanted superpowers, which sounds relatively tame compared to some of the grand and cosmic stories that have told in the Marvel Universe. However, there is at least one truly fantastical element to Cloak’s story, and that’s his connection to the Darkforce Dimension.

Cloak and Dagger Showrunner Joe Pokaski explained to Slash Film how they went about bringing the DarkForce Dimension to television in a way that makes sense for the otherwise grounded setting of the show.

“There’s a couple steps that we’re going to be exploring over the course of the series but the very first elements of it, we wanted Tyrone to be able to witness people’s fears and Tandy to be able to witness people’s hopes,” Pokaski says. “So we wanted to just tweak it a little and make it seem a little unworldly but we’re going to get a little bit weirder and weirder as people start getting comfortable. We might not ever see skeletons inside it but I think the idea is the fun of the series is Tandy and Tyrone will learn more and more about what they’re capable of over the series.”

Seems like the strategy is to ease viewers into the otherworldly dimension by focusing on the show’s themes of light and darkness first, which seems like a well thought out plan.

Reviews are out for the first handful of episodes of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger and the series is receiving largely positive responses, including from’s own Charlie Ridgely:


“Where Cloak & Dagger really excels is in its ability to pay equal attention to the fantastical elements behind these powers, and the real situations facing our country. Issues like racial tension, social anxiety, bullying, police brutality, loss, homelessness -- all of these are tackled head first, putting Cloak & Dagger right alongside Black Lightning in terms of taking an exciting premise and inserting it flawlessly into the terrifying reality that so many of our young people face today. It's a remarkable blend of two very different worlds.”

Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger premieres Thursday, June 7th at 8 pm ET on Freeform.