'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Will Give Spidey His Old Costume

As filming is underway on the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming, many fans are starting to learn more details about Peter Parker's latest adventure. Interesting enough, most of the major reveals are coming from Tom Holland himself.

In an Instagram video where the actor announces a contest to visit the set of the new film, Holland is wearing his first major Spider-Man costume (not the homemade one), revealing that he's probably getting a downgrade after sporting the Iron Spider suit in Avengers: Infinity War.

Holland also made headlines last month when he revealed the official title of the sequel as being Spider-Man: Far From Home. In a video posted to social media, Marvel and Sony allowed Holland to have fun with his whole schtick of "spoiling everything" by having Holland show the cover of his script for the film, revealing the film's real name.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige spoke with Birth.Movies.Death about their decision to allow Holland to "leak" the movie's title.

"There are certain logistics of the way these movies are made that meant that title would potentially be leaked in some way because it was going out into the world in various forms," Feige said. "So Mr. Holland took it upon himself to leak it for us."

Hopefully Holland will be a little more generous in the near future and tell us who the main villain of the movie actually will be. It's all but been confirmed officially that Jake Gyllenhaal has joined the cast, though we don't know what character he's playing. Some have speculated that he'll be playing Mysterio, though that's yet to be confirmed.

Feige wouldn't tell ComicBook.com who exactly Gyllenhaal is playing, but he did offer some clues about the how the title of Far From Home plays into the film's plot.


"Well, I mean, sure, let the speculation begin. That's always fun," Feige said. "We like [the title] of course because it ties into Homecoming, not just keeping that word going, which we like and we liked it more than Homecoming 2, but that notion of 'home' is a word that has dual meanings we'd like to continue with this [Marvel Cinematic Universe] version of Spider-Man. So, Far From Home has multiple meanings."

Spider-Man: Far From Home will premiere in theaters on July 7, 2019.