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Exclusive Launches Earth's Mightiest Week to Celebrate 'Avengers: Endgame'

'The Gifted' Season 2 Premiere Photos Released

The fight for mutant rights is nearly ready to resume. FOX has released new photos from the Season Two premiere episode of The Gifted.

The episode is titled “eMergence” and begins six months after the first season’s finale, with the mutant community more divided than ever and Polaris about to give birth.

Take a look at the photos below:

The Gifted Season 2 05
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The Gifted Season 2 04
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The Gifted Season 2 03
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The Gifted Season 2 02
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The Gifted Season 2 01
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The Gifted Season 2 10
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The Gifted Season 2 09
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The Gifted Season 2 08
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The Gifted Season 2 07
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The Gifted Season 2 06
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In The Gifted Season One finale, Polaris took drastic measures to stop Dr. Roderick Campbell’s attempts to take his mutant-hunting Hound program national, destroying the airplane carrying Campbell. The action led to her defection from the Mutant Underground and to her allying herself with the Frost sisters and their Hellfire Club. Polaris brought several members of the Mutant Underground with her, including Andy Strucker.

Following the finale, showrunner Matt Nix spoke to about what that rift in the Mutant Underground means for the future.

“And then, going in to take two, I like the idea of that there are all sorts of ways of dealing with this new circumstance that everybody finds themselves in, and not everybody's going to agree, and not everybody's going to choose one of the sides that we've defined on the show," Nix explained. "Exploring those other sides too. I think it's going to be very interesting. There are going to be common enemies, people who are more aligned with one side than other. There are going to be people who are completely selfish in their motives. All of those things are going to come out in Season Two, where the situation for mutants has got considerably more complicated.”

The Mutant Underground and the Hellfire Club won’t be the only factions in play in The Gifted Season Two. The new season will also introduce the Morlocks, a group of mutants who live their entire lives underground. There will also be the new threat of the Purifiers, a fanatical religious terrorist group that views mutants as the spawn of the devil.

In The Gifted Season Two, “The 20th Century Fox Television/Marvel series picks up after the explosion of the Atlanta Station. The Mutant Underground search for their friends and family who left with The Inner Circle. Having tracked them outside of Washington, D.C., they must contend with new groups with extreme ideologies, both human and mutant alike, to stave off a brewing conflict.”


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The Gifted Season Two premieres Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.