'Captain Marvel' Star Brie Larson's Epic Team-up Workout Photo Goes Viral

Brie Larson is impressing Marvel fans before she even makes her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Captain Marvel next year — and this latest photo that's gone viral is a pretty good example of why. Check out the workout photo Larson posted to her Twitter account, featuring a very special guest:

The other woman in the photo is none other than Community, Mad Men, and LEGO Movie star Alison Brie, who is also a fan-favorite, despite never having taken on a major superhero, sci-fi or fantasy live-action role. Assuming that the photo was taken today, it's safe to assume that both ladies are continuing to train for their respective biggest breakout roles yet, which is a good sign for fans.

Larson has already completed filming on both her Captain Marvel solo film and Avengers 4, so if she's hitting the weights again this heavily, it's a fair bet that she's gearing up for her next Marvel Cinematic Universe role. That project has yet to be announced or confirmed: it could be Captain Marvel 2, or any number of other possible MCU Phase 4 Films, which could have Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel as a major supporting character or cameo. By the time Avengers 4 arrives, we'll likely know more about what Larson is preparing for. Meanwhile, Alison Brie is likely gearing up for the now-confirmed third season of her Netflix series GLOW, which examines the world of female wrestlers back in the 1980s. For obvious reasons, both roles would require the ladies to maintain a higher bar of fitness, in between seasons.

Of course, the greatest thing about this photo is the caption from Larson that establishes amalgamated "ALISON BRIE LARSON" team title. It's kind of like a "Martha Moment" most fans never put together in their minds — only a million times better than what Batman v Superman was able to pull off.


As you can see below, fans are loving what 'Alison Brie Larson' brings to the table.

As the latter Dragon Ball Z meme points out - this is truly the fusion that world needs.