Is 'Venom 2' One Of Sony's New Untitled Marvel Movies?

Venom has become a lucrative juggernaut for Sony Pictures and it isn’t ready to roll over just yet. With a hefty box office backing it, fans have been wondering whether the studio will thumbs up a sequel, and that might have just been approved behind the scenes.

Earlier today, new reports went live about Sony Pictures and its film slate. As it turns out, the studio has set two release dates for untitled Marvel films, and fans are eyeing the debuts real close. After all, one of them may belong to Venom 2, and netizens are trying to suss out which date is the most likely.

Taking to Twitter, reporter Justin Kroll shared the big news with fans. You can read his notes on the release below:

“Sony dates two untitled Marvel-Spidey spin-offs. First is a non-sequel opening July 10, 2020, second is a sequel opening Oct. 2, 2020,” the writer shared.

With the second piece being touted as a sequel, fans are left to connect the dots to Venom 2. After all, Sony has not put out a Marvel project as of late aside from Venom. The studio’s connection to Spider-Man is split with Marvel Studios these days, and Spider-Man: Far From Home was announced awhile back. All of Sony’s other Marvel projects are still in development, making it very unlikely the studio would pre-approve a sequel. This leaves Venom has the only superhero venture open to a sequel, and fans shouldn’t be surprised by the move.

After all, Venom has made a massive haul at the box office since it went live. The film’s international box office has helped the film earn a staggering $780.5 million worldwide. Venom’s reception in markets such as China has been overwhelming, and its domestic box office is nothing to sneeze at. The film has made more than $210 million domestically, a total that surpasses other superhero hauls by Justice League for instance. Sony knows a lucrative series when it sees one, and Venom's fan-driven hype


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Venom is currently playing in theaters. The next Spider-Man movie will be the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse on December 14th. It will be followed by the live-action Spider-Man: Far From Home, hitting theaters on July 5th.