'The Punisher' Season 2: Official First Look at Jigsaw Revealed

The Punisher Netflix series has officially announced its Season Two return by way of a new announcement trailer that highlights the main rivalry of the season: Frank Castle/The Punisher (Jon Bernthal) going up against his nemesis Billy Russo/Jigsaw (Ben Barnes).

In order to really reel Marvel fans in, The Punisher Season Two announcement trailer finally gives us our first official look at this Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Jigsaw in all his scarred-face glory!

The Punisher Season 2 Jigsaw First Look Official

As you can see, this version of Jigsaw is a lot less over-the-top than his comic book counterpart or even the movie adaptation of the character, played by Dominic West in the infamous reboot Punisher: War Zone. The facial scarring is a lot less extensive and Frankenstein-ish. Instead, Billy Russo looks like a man who has had extensive surgery to repair his face via some skilled surgeons, who did the best they could. However, given the gruesome way Frank Castle disfigured his former friend with a nice broken-glass facial, Billy looks about as well as can be expected.

Masks will play a role in this version of the villain's origin as evidenced by the broken-face mask that Russo is seen sporting in this trailer. That too makes a certain amount of sense, as MCU Russo was a public figure who was well known; if he has to start a new life in the underworld, as a fugitive, then keeping his face out of public sight would be key.


In that context, the mask could be an outward manifestation of Billy's way of finally leaning into the mess of who he is now, and embracing the monster that is Jigsaw. From what we've seen in set photos, that monster will be terrorizing NYC with some serious carnage.

You catch The Punisher Season Two streaming on Netflix starting January 18th.