Marvel Female Superheroes Drama Not Moving Forward At ABC

Late last Fall, reports surfaced that ABC was developing a new television show focused on female superheroes from the Marvel Comics mythos. Now, we know that the project won't be proceeding — at least at the network that originally pushed it into development, that is.

According to Deadline, the project from the mind of Wonder Woman writer Allan Heinberg has been shelved, after previously receiving a pilot production commitment. As of now, it's unclear whether or not Heinberg's hour-long drama will be redeveloped and shopped elsewhere.

As with most properties that Marvel ends up producing, virtually no details about the show had surfaced, though it was expected to feature some of Marvel's lesser-known female characters. The report through around female-based team-ups such as A-Force, Lady Liberators, or Fearless Defenders.

With this project not moving forward at ABC, that leaves just one Marvel-based show on the network as Agents of SHIELD heads into its sixth season. Even then, the show — which has traditionally received renewals orders for seasons over 20 episodes — saw it's total episode count cut down to 13 for the upcoming season.

Coincidentally enough, Agents of SHIELD also received an incredibly early renewal for season seven, which is reportedly beginning production later in the month.

This female-centric isn't the only show to be sent to the chopping block at ABC as of late. Most recently, the network cancelled Marvel's Inhumans after a tumultuous eight-episode season and decided to shelve Marvel's Most Wanted after filming a pilot as a spin-off from Agents of SHIELD.

It should be noted that the report also mentioned that ABC wants to continue to work with Jeph Loeb and the team at Marvel Television, although it's not clear what properties, if any, the two have talked about development. With the rapid expansion of the soon-to-launch Disney+ service, Marvel Television has fallen victim to a corporate power-struggle between its parent company and Netflix — presumably losing all of the Netflix shows based on Marvel Characters in the process.

While it's assumed that Loeb and company will have their chance to shine on Disney's own streaming platform, the only rumored properties for the service have included only projects produce by Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios, including Loki, The Vision and the Scarlet Witch, and a show featuring Sebastian Stan's Bucky Barnes and Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson.


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