New Look At Quake's Season 6 'Agents of SHIELD' Costume

Agents of SHIELD is finally returning to television for its sixth season this May, and one detail that has had fans talking since November is Quake's new look. Chloe Bennet, the actor best known for portraying the inhuman, shared a sneak peak to her Instagram last year. Now, Whitney Galitz, the series’ costume designer, has provided a closer look into the costume’s details.

“To all you cosplayers with the build up to @wondercon here’s a closer look at the new S6 Quake. Stay tuned for more illustration details coming this week,” she wrote in her first of now three posts.

“For S6 Quake we wanted to update but not lose the iconic elements all together. This season we slimmed down the gauntlets and streamlined but didn’t re-invent the wheel. @ann.foley already instilled such an amazing design why mess with it!,” she explained in the next.

“Like the S6 Quake gauntlets, we streamlined and slimmed down the utility belt. Some of you have also noticed we played with proportion on the printed fabric, sizing up on some of the textured panels,” she added.

According to the designer’s Instagram, you can expect three more posts that further explain the outfit.

In addition to an updated ensemble, Quake is also rocking a new hairdo this season. The new look includes streaks of purple which matches the character’s counter-part on the Marvel Rising animated series from Disney XD.

While we don’t know too much about what’s to come in the new season, a recent report from TV Line revealed Elizabeth Henstridge (Jemma Simmons) saying “this season is a departure from other stuff we’ve done.” Clark Gregg (Phil Coulson) has also teased the “disturbing” new character he’ll be playing.


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Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC in May.