Marvel Introduces a New Thor in Dead Man Logan

The current iteration of Old Man Logan is now just one issue away from its conclusion, with Dead Man Logan #11 hitting comic shelves this week. The series has seen Logan finally return to the Wasteland and team up with a young, future-Hulk Bruce Banner and the savvy Dani Cage, daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. Of course, nothing ever stays as it is in the Wasteland, and a manhunt led by Sabretooth almost results in the tragic death of one of Logan's new allies, until the mighty Mjolnir intervenes and creates a brand new version of Thor.

WARNING: This article contains Major Spoilers from Dead Man Logan #11! Continue reading at your own risk...

Logan and Dani end up saving Bruce from Sinister in this issue and did their best to escape with their lives. Sabretooth and the other ravagers catch up to them, Dani tries to stand up to their evil, and it winds up getting her shot. It's a bit of a heartbreak until you realize that the entire showdown is taking place at the site of Mjolnir, having been abandoned for years and turned into a place of worship.

Dani falls to the ground next to Mjolnir and, as the rest of the characters are talking, she slowly reaches for the handle. It seems as though Mjolnir is also moving towards her, sensing that she's worthy and needs its help.

dani cage thor
(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Similar to the way that Jane Foster took over as Thor when she was dying of cancer, Dani wields the hammer just before losing her life to a gunshot wound. On the final page, Dani is seeing holding Mjolnir high above her head and bringing thunder down from the sky. Sabretooth sees what's happening and says, "Oh hell no," only for Dani to go full Thor and come back with, "Oh Hel yes."


There is very little chance that Dani's turn as Thor lasts more than one issue, considering she's from an alternate universe and exists in the Wasteland. Then again, it wouldn't be much of a surprise to see her character potentially get a standalone series after Dead Man Logan concludes.

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