Spider-Man: Far From Home Ending Twist Was Almost Completely Different

07/10/2019 11:57 pm EDT

The latest Marvel Studios movie set the stage for the franchise after the harrowing events of Avengers: Endgame, but it also turned Peter Parker's life upside down. While we wait to learn the fallout of the big twist from Spider-Man: Far From Home, the filmmakers have started to open up about the ending and what it means for the future.

During their discussion with the New York Times, the film's writers Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers revealed that they had a different plan for the movie's epic reveal, one that would have changed the ending completely.

Warning: Spoilers for Spider-Man: Far From Home.

In the movie's final battle, Spider-Man reveals Mysterio's deceptions and unmasks in the process. But the villain has the last laugh when he leaks the video to J. Jonah Jameson's website the Daily Bugle, and the mid-credits stinger sees the character reveal Spider-Man's identity to the whole world.

This reveal was always a part of the plan, according to the writers, but that it almost happened a lot differently.

"We were wondering, 'Are we going as deep as we need to at the end of the movie?' We played with the idea that Peter is the one who sacrifices his identity out of necessity during the final battle, then it seemed more interesting if Mysterio tricks him into doing it, but any time we wrote a version where he was being revealed to the world in that battle, it felt like it diminished the victory," explained McKenna. "So before it became a tag, it was really just the end of the movie: Right as he feels he’s stepping up as Spider-Man, he has the rug pulled out from under him again."

Sommers added that they were wondering how far to take it, ultimately deciding to put Spider-Man in a terrible situation for future adventures.

"We were definitely debating, should we just reveal who Spider-Man is, or should we frame him for something and turn him into a pariah?" said Sommers. "Ultimately, we decided that both was the way to go. It’s such a triumph at the end because he’s got the girl and finally earned a big swing through the city, so we want to knock him down as far as possible."

While we wait to see how Spider-Man deals with his identity being public knowledge, fans can watch Spider-Man: Far From Home now playing in theaters.

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