2016 ComicBook.com Movie Awards Vote: Best Comic Book Movie Fight Scene

Heroes fought more than just villains on the big screen in 2016. In a couple of films, they were fighting each other. Super hero versus super hero was actually a recurring theme with a couple of the heavy hitting titles.

Some fights in comic book movies destroyed cities and others were more intimate between old friends. In the case of Deadpool, the anti-hero had 12 bullets to share among more than a dozen enemies. Captain America: Civil War lined up the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a battle amongst themselves. Batman v. Superman brought heroes together for the first time while X-Men: Apocalypse brought us to another dimension. Doctor Strange took us even further as the Sorcerer Supreme manipulated time and used bargaining for his fight.

In any case, it was all great news for popcorn sales.

The nominees for Best Comic Book Movie Fight Scene are:

  • Deadpool - 12 Bullets
  • Captain America: Civil War - Airport Battle
  • Batman v. Superman - Trinity vs. Doomsday
  • X-Men: Apocalypse - Astral Plane Battle
  • Doctor Strange - Rewinding Time & Bargaining

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