John Krasinski Is Open to Directing a Marvel Movie After A Quiet Place: Part II

John Krasinski has been in the middle of a ton of Marvel rumors lately, but he would love the [...]

John Krasinski has been in the middle of a ton of Marvel rumors lately, but he would love the opportunity to actually be behind the camera. The actor talked to Esquire about a bunch of topics from throughout his career and the prospect of directing came up. With all the superhero talk surrounding him at the moment, it only made sense to talk about doing some directing for one of the hottest studios right now. He said, "If a Marvel movie came along, maybe, or I'm just looking for great stories and great characters really." But, that may end up having to wait until he nails down another superhero role if it becomes available. That's right, Krasinski also commented on the prospect of being Mister Fantastic in a possible Fantastic Four movie.

"I was just about to walk into the worst pun ever, but I was like, that's a fantastic role. That would be awesome," the actor explained. "Marvel wrote the playbook on secrecy and awesome sort of tantalizing lay and wait until everything's announced. I am not committed to the role or anything, but I don't know when they're doing it. But if and when they do it, I would love to talk to them about it."

There was some definite levity in the interview as well. Krasinskii joked that he's still teasing Chris Evans about scooping up the Captain America role that they both auditioned for.

"People have a sense that some of us are insanely competitive. I've known Chris forever," he recalled. "So as soon as they said Chris Evans got the part, I was like, yeah, look at that guy. Are you kidding me? He is Captain America. And I just saw Chris a couple of weeks ago and we were still laughing about it. I said, 'I love that you retired in my role.'"

He might not be Captain America, but it sounds like that Fantastic Four movie is coming down the pipe. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige said a little bit about Marvel's First Family at the Golden Globes last year.

"The truth is, I'm excited for all of them. I'm excited, and it's not just the marquee names you know — there are hundreds of names on those documents, on those agreements," Feige said at the Golden Globes. "And the fact that Marvel is as close as we may ever get now to having access to all of the characters, is something I've been dreaming about for my almost 20 years at Marvel. And it's very exciting."