Agent Carter: Hayley Atwell Hints Dominic Cooper Is In The Series

Hayley Atwell, star of Marvel's upcoming TV series Marvel's Agent Carter, has apparently revealed that Dominic Cooper will appear on the show as Howard Stark.

Since Agent Carter is set in the 1950s and the Marvel Cinematic Universe is much more lacking in superheroes alive and operational during that time (at least so far) than is the comic book universe, there's been some curiosity as to just who might come back for the series.

Of course, those who watched the Louis D'Esposito-directed Agent Carter One-Shot on the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray want to know particularly whether we'll see Tony Stark's father Howard, played by Dominic Cooper in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

At the end of the One-Shot short film, Stark recruited Peggy Carter, setting the stage for her own series (although nobody quite knew that at the time). It stands to reason, then, that we might see him from time to time, but up to this point, no casting besides Atwell as Agent Carter has been cast for the series.

In a new interview with the Telegraph, though, Atwell revealed her plans to exchange practical jokes with Cooper -- which would presumably be tough if he wasn't actually there to retaliate.

The article discusses a number of works in progress for the busy Atwell, so here's the pertinent bit about Agent Carter:

Now, the wacky actress is hoping to continue with the larks when Dominic Cooper joins her on the set of her forthcoming television series, Agent Carter. "He's incredibly naughty," she tells me at the Glamour Women of the Year awards with Next in Berkeley Square. "So I'm going to start the pranks as early as I can. He will come up with some very good ones, too." 

The new show is a spin-off from Atwell's Captain America. The actress assures me that she will capture as many of her pranks on Cooper on video for the Mandrake website as possible.