'Agents of SHIELD' Is More Popular Than Marvel Netflix Shows According to New Study

There is perhaps no show more undervalued or under-appreciated than Marvel's Agents of SHIELD… [...]

There is perhaps no show more undervalued or under-appreciated than Marvel's Agents of SHIELD… or so we thought! According to a Parrot Analytics study, the very first MCU television show is more popular than any of the Marvel shows that are currently on Netflix.

Agents of SHIELD is unique in many ways, one being that it gets better with each new season. Despite this fact, the show is in danger of cancellation every year, with its sixth season being cut down to 13 episodes. This journey of possible cancellation has been harrowing for the die-hard fans, who will surely be ecstatic to learn of the show's worldwide popularity.

According to a Screen Rant exclusive, Agents of SHIELD is even more popular than Daredevil, which is Netflix's most in-demand superhero show. To find this data, Parrot Analytics doesn't just looks at the Nielsen ratings. They measure their statistics based on "everything from global file-sharing and peer-to-peer traffic to social media activity".

It turns out, Agents of SHIELD is in the "top 0.3 percent of in-demand TV shows worldwide." It is both extremely surprising and gratifying to learn the show's numbers are higher than The Originals, Supergirl, Arrow, and Fear The Walking Dead.

Agents of SHIELD has never done well in real-time viewing, with one regular excuse being that ABC has constantly changed their air time, however, we do know the show does very well in other countries and in delayed viewing. The results of this Parrot study is something we've suspected.

Between the complex characters, invigorating storylines, and overall charm, Agents of SHIELD is arguably one of the most compelling show on network television. If you've hesitated in giving it a try, this new study is proof that it might be worth your time.

Agents of SHIELD stars Clark Gregg reprising his role as Phil Coulson, a fan-favorite from Phase One of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the show has diverged from the MCU over time, it still maintains a perfect balance between keeping its own identity and respecting the world-building of the films.

There are currently two big questions about the upcoming season. First, how will the show tie-in the events of Infinity War? There's speculation that they might jump ahead in time to avoid the Thanos snap, but we won't know for a while. Second, it's still unclear if a certain star is set to return, and executive producers Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon are on Jon Snow-level lockdown with this information, which leads us to believe the actor will return.

Agents of SHIELD will return to ABC next summer, with Clark Gregg directing the season premiere. The first five seasons are currently streaming on Netflix, so get binging!