'Agents of SHIELD' Recap With Spoilers: "The Honeymoon"

In Herefordshire, England, Fitz, Jemma, and Yo-Yo arrive in a quinjet. They’re looking for the [...]

In Herefordshire, England, Fitz, Jemma, and Yo-Yo arrive in a quinjet. They're looking for the Hydra weapon that Gideon Malick hinted at in materials seized by SHIELD after Hydra's fall. Simmons says she was thinking of coming back to England for their honeymoon. They put on their parachutes and jump out of the quinjet.

Coulson and Talbot are still making their way through the snowy mountain forest. Coulson apologizes for not finding Talbot sooner, telling him that SHIELD was stuck in the future. Talbot says he's done with all of this when he gets home. He feels Hale broke him, and that he let down the Air Force, the country, and his family.

Ruby uses the alien teleportation device to follow Coulson and Talbot into the forest. She follows their tracks in the snow.

Daisy, May, and Deke take the Zephyr One to search for Coulson in the mountains. Deke is growing frustrated with Robin's vague visions. Daisy decides to set down and canvas the area on foot.

Ruby catches up to Coulson and Talbot and chases them. Talbot slips, but Daisy arrives in time to use her powers to send Ruby flying. Daisy tells May and Deke to take Coulson and Talbot back to the Zephyr.

Ruby unmasks and comes face-to-face with Daisy for the first time. Ruby says Daisy is like the hero every girl wants to be when they grow up. But Ruby explains that she doesn't want to be Daisy, she wants to beat Daisy. They fight. Deke watches from behind a tree with a gun aimed at the fight. Daisy uses her powers to knock Ruby into a tree, incapacitating her. Deke reveals himself just before Hydra forces begin opening fire on the clearing. Deke is hit. Daisy carries him off. Hale and a group of soldiers arrive to extract Ruby.

Daisy gets Deke back to the Zephyr, but he's bleeding out. Daisy and Coulson try to tend to the wound. They try to call ahead to Simmons, but no one is answering at the Lighthouse.

Piper finds Mack in Fitz's cell and sets him free.

Simmons, Fitz, and Yo-Yo arrive at the target location. It's labeled with radiation warnings, but they detect little radiation, and realize Talbot likely had the signs posted just to ward off intruders. Yo-Yo uses her new arms to break open the fence, and they head inside.

Daisy checks on Deke. They've managed to stop the bleeding temporarily, but he stills needs more intense medical treatment. Daisy and Deke argue about what Deke was doing there when he got shot. Deke starts coughing up blood.

They take Deke into the Lighthouse on a stretcher. They realize they don't have time to get Deke to a hospital. Instead, they tell Piper to tend to him since she was training to be a strike team field medic, though she has no actual field experience. Mack says he'll perform the actual surgery if Piper can talk him through it.

Back at base, Ruby and Hale argue about Ruby's actions and Hale's plans with Creel and Daisy. Ruby refuses to go back to her room until Hale gets physical. Hale locks Ruby inside.

Yo-Yo, Fitz, and Simmons infiltrate the weapon location. The Superior arrives on a truck with soldiers. Apparently, he's providing security for the location, which means SHIELD must be looking in the right place.

Mack and Piper do the best they can with Deke's surgery. Coulson tries to explain to Talbot what he saw in the future. He confesses that it was Daisy that cracked the world in the future, but he still needs Daisy leading SHIELD. He tells Talbot that they're working towards the brighter future that Robin sees.

May pulls Coulson aside and wants him to explain his recent reckless decisions. She accuses him of rolling over without a fight and throwing Daisy into a leadership position too quickly. She tells him that all Daisy could think about was getting him back. Coulson says he's at peace with his fate, and is willing to go down doing some good. May says that's a decision he needs to make with the people who love him, and then tells him that she loves him.

Strucker sneaks into Ruby's room. He's put together his father's notes on the particle-infusion chamber. Ruby says she can't do anything about that right now because of Hale, but Strucker points out that Hale can't contain Ruby if Ruby doesn't allow her. Ruby says she's not sure why she doesn't just tear Hale apart.

Yo-Yo, Fitz, and Simmons make their way into the building. They overhear the Superior reporting to Hale that they've found the chamber. Hale promises that the Superior will have a chance with the chamber. Fitz remotely explodes a gas tank outside the building, drawing the attention of the Superior and his guards. Simmons discovers the secret latch that opens the way into the room with the particle-infusion chamber. There are several other Hydra weapons as well.

Hale notices that Ruby's door is ajar. She enters and finds Ruby staring out her window. Hale admits she's surprised Ruby didn't leave with Strucker. Ruby says she has no idea why she's let Hale control her for so long. She accuses Hale of doing the same thing to her that Whitehall did to Hale. Ruby says Hale is her one weakness. They hug, and then Ruby's demeanor changes. She says she is Hale's one weakness then throws her mother onto the ground. Ruby exits the room and locks Hale inside. Strucker and Ruby take control of the operation.

Talbot sees Daisy face-to-face for the first time. He has a flashback to the LMD shooting him and nearly attacks her, but Daisy snaps him out of it. Talbot asks to talk to his wife, but Daisy says they can't make any contact with the outside world while Hale is looking for them. Talbot is frustrated, so Daisy offers to try to get word to his family through a secure channel. Daisy admits that she's here because they need to plan their next move. She needs Talbot to tell her everything he knows about Hale's base, and everything he told her about SHIELD.

Fitz and Simmons set about sabotaging the particle-infusion chamber, but they realize that their past selves have probably tried all of this before. They ask Yo-Yo if her future self-offered any clues as to how to prevent the future. Yo-Yo tells them about what her future-self said about letting Coulson die. They hear banging on the door and prepare for a fight. Yo-Yo's arms start to malfunction and cause her pain.

Mack and Piper are still working on Deke. Mack is also concerned about Yo-Yo. Deke starts bleeding internally. They search for the source of the bleeding; a clipped artery. Mack is going in to clamp it when Deke starts convulsing. They manage to get him stable, but now Mack needs to sew the artery shut.

FitzSimmons realize that Yo-Yo trying to use her speed overloaded her arms. Yo-Yo suggests that either Fitz or Simmons should retreat and call for backup. They say they have a new rule, that they never leave each other's sides, so Yo-Yo goes instead while they stand their ground against the Hydra mech guards.

Yo-Yo runs into the Superior on her way out. They fight. The Superior notes that Yo-Yo is also now part machine, but that he no longer feels pain or fears death. Yo-Yo shoves the Superior out of a window, falling with him. The Superior is disabled, and the Hydra mechs fall with him. Yo-Yo is cut up, but otherwise OK, and sees an aircraft coming in.

Deke comes to after the surgery and is on a lot of drugs so starts opening up about his feelings towards Daisy. He quickly forgets what he was talking about, and moves onto other things. Deke passes out just as Daisy arrives with a ping from the mechs they were tracking. They're tracing the location now.

Fitz and Simmons are just commenting on how lucky they were to survive when Strucker and Ruby arrive. Strucker sees how they sabotaged the infuser. They order Fitz and Simmons to repair the machine.

Daisy tells Talbot that they got a lead on Hale thanks to his help. She gives him a phone that's set up so that he can get one brief phone call to his family. His wife answers. He tells her that he's getting better. His wife begins reading from a script that Hale's agents gave to her. He realizes that Hale got to his family and agrees to comply.