'Agents Of SHIELD' Reportedly Casting Kree Assassin

The Kree are returning to Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, but they haven't come to make friends.

It was confirmed at New York Comic Con that the Kree will be a part of Agents of SHIELD Season Five. A new report suggests that, more specifically, the show is looking to cast a Kree assassin.

That Hashtag Show reports that Agents of SHIELD is searching for a stunt actor to play the "imposing but lithe assassin" Sals-Bek of the Kree for two episodes of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD's fifth season.

Sals-Bek has only had one Marvel Comics appearance, and that was in the "Atlantis Rising" Inhumans tie-in comic Inhumans: The Great Refuge. "The Great Refuge" is another name sometimes used to refer to the hidden Inhuman city of Attilan.

In that issue, Sals-Bek is one of three Kree assassins sent to assassinate the Inhuman Royal Family. Does he have new targets in Agents of SHIELD, or does his involvement this hint at a crossover between Agents of SHIELD and Marvel's Inhumans?


Marvel's Agents of SHIELD will return for its fifth season on December 1st, following the conclusion of the first season of Marvel's Inhumans.