Agents of SHIELD: Did FitzSimmons Finally Reunite?

Last week’s Agents of SHIELD episode ended with Jemma and Fitz on two ships passing in the [...]

Last week's Agents of SHIELD episode ended with Jemma and Fitz on two ships passing in the night. With Jemma on her way to the planet Naro-Atzia and Fitz to the planet Kitson, a reunion this early in the season seemed unlikely. However, "Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson" finally saw the show's favorite couple reunite… sort of.

After a hilarious episode that featured Jemma and Daisy high on hallucinogens in the same casino Fitz happened to be gambling for his life alongside Enoch, a sad Jemma found herself on the other side of the same door as Fitz. The still-tripping Jemma opened up to a bouncer (a super relatable moment for anyone who has found themselves intoxicated and sad at a bar) just as Fitz and Enoch escaped from the room they were being held in. Jemma saw Fitz, and it was a beautiful moment. However, before they could really say anything to each other, Fitz was taken by Malachi (Christopher James Baker), a hunter who is after Fitz because he's supposed to be dead. Apparently, when one version of you dies, there aren't supposed to be any other versions of you roaming around space.

Luckily, Enoch was left behind, otherwise Jemma might think seeing Fitz was a part of her hallucination. While it's devastating that the lovers were immediately torn apart, at least Fitz finally knows Jemma is looking for him. Before, he thought she was still in the future, and was planning on freezing himself again to get to her.

The road has been long and hard for the Marvel show's biggest ship, separating them by space and time and space again. According to Hypable, showrunner Jed Whedon promised that FitzSimmons will face a lot of challenges this season.

"The thing with FitzSimmons is, they are beloved characters. They are to us, not just for the audience. They have a special place in our hearts," he explained. "And so we like to put them through terrible, terrible things!" Whedon added, "You know, everybody's rooting for them but it's less fun to root for the team that's winning. And so we tend to put obstacles in their way."

Keep the drama coming, Whedons! As long as our favorite couple reunites EVENTUALLY, we're here for whatever devastation you throw at us.

Agents of SHIELD stars Clark Gregg (Phil Coulson/Sarge), Ming-Na Wen (Melinda May), Chloe Bennet (Daisy "Quake" Johnson), Elizabeth Henstridge (Jemma Simmons), Iain De Caestecker (Fitz), Henry Simmons (Mack), Natalia Cordova-Buckley (Elena "Yo-Yo" Rodriguez), and Jeff Ward (Deke).

Agents of SHIELD airs Friday nights on ABC at 8/7c.