‘Agents of SHIELD’ Releases New Motion Poster

Still half a year away from the release of Agents of SHIELD Season Six, the marketing team behind [...]

Still half a year away from the release of Agents of SHIELD Season Six, the marketing team behind the hit ABC show have begun marketing the upcoming season. Kicking things off with the first teaser trailer featuring footage of the sixth season, the show's official social media platforms have now uploaded a new motion poster giving us a better look at Daisy "Quake" Johnson (Chloe Bennet).

Fitting enough, the release of the motion comes on National Daisy Day and features the Inhuman character standing in a space pod of sorts, playing off the themes of Season Five. Crumbled rocks can be found levitating at the bottom of the screen before flying off towards the viewer.

According to Bennet, her character is much more relaxed heading into the sixth season as she's come to peace with the passing of her mentor Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg).

"In my mind, she has a bit more of a peace to her," said Bennet. "There is obviously the mourning of Coulson, but she's also been through it all and she is genuinely stronger from it. She is not dealing with things as she has in the past. She has fully accepted her trauma and is moving forward in the most healthy way, for the first time."

Gregg himself previously said he thought his character was going to end up staying dead.

"My understanding is that Phil Coulson is no longer alive. He's been brought back, he's been really clear that he didn't want supernatural measures used again. I always felt like he thought almost like he wasn't supposed to be here," Gregg previously told THR.

"That got more complicated for him when he started to form this new family and to have this surrogate daughter that he probably always wanted and to, in the most recent weeks of this S.H.I.E.L.D. timeline, really opened himself up to his feelings for Melinda May. But I don't think there is a real buy-back for the fact that this deal he made with the Ghost Rider is killing his body."

Though it has yet to receive an exact release date, Agents of SHIELD Season Six is currently scheduled to debut in July. Both the sixth and seventh seasons have received shortened 13-episode orders.